Sunday, 11 November 2012

Reader's Feedback

Hi everyone!
The purpose of this post is to generate feedback from you guys, our readers and proud 'citizens' of the digital world.

Here are two great videos presenting in a cool and artistic way some of the main issues and possibilities that come with Gamification! 

Let us know, by posting a comment bellow, what your thoughts on Gamification are. How do you feel about Gamification? Do you think it is a good or a bad thing? Do you find yourself influenced by it? Can you give other examples of Gamification?

Your comments are of great value for us and our project!

Thank you all!!!

Gang out.


  1. It's kinda scary...We are loosing connection with nature and getting tighter with technology,we are becoming robotic :( I want to go back to 80s...

  2. I feel the same way! More and more people lose the human in themselves. Unfortunately, this is the future and it doesn't seem like we can ever get back to how things were before...

  3. I am not really scared of it. I think that in every game. No matter how catchy it is, you will ask yourself a question now and then: Is this really worthwile? If a gamification as a concept is suited to motivate me do good things (for example learning, or working, it is wirth a while. If the target is stupid, for example buy more stuff that makes me fat, I dont think it will hold me that long.